The Ultimate Guide To Travelling When Single

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The Ultimate Guide to Travel for Singles

Travelling as a single has a whole host of benefits. More than just hooking up (though, if you’re looking for love, there’s that too), going it alone gives you a chance to spread your wings and find out about yourself in a different context.

The world is full of so many exciting places, but there are some that are ideal for singles looking to get out there and mingle. If meeting new people and sharing the fun is part of what you’re looking for in a new adventure, here are some tips on the best places to travel as a single. 

Check the stats

In a time when we all have a lot of data at our fingertips, why not let the numbers do the talking? You’re certain to find other singles in places like Japan, where more than 60% of people between 18 and 34 are not married or in a relationship. In countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland, people commonly live alone for most of their lives, and more than half of the people in these countries have never been married. The percentage of single adults in many countries such as the US has been increasing in recent decades. 

How to find all these single people? Well, you can start by researching which dating apps are used widely in your destination. You can also check out our top tips for dating while travelling

Go where singles flock together


Always take advantage of local tours, such as a hiking tour. Source: Canva

Some places around the world are hotspots for travellers to meet up and interact. Usually, these are destinations favored by backpackers, though they are accessible even for those not backpacking or on a long-haul trip. 

Some of our favorites include Ella in Sri Lanka and San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico. Bali in Indonesia attracts a ton of solo travellers, and towns like Siem Reap—close to major attraction Angkor Wat, but also with a vibrant nightlife scene—are full of singles on an adventure. 

Also consider cities which have large expat populations, such as Lisbon or Mexico City. Here you’ll find a community of people who speak your language and are open to meeting fellow people from abroad. You can find expat groups in your destination city on Facebook and look for meetups or reach out to new locals before you depart. 

Follow your heart


A good meal brings people together! Source: Indico Travels

Go to the places where you can do the things you love. So, for example, if you love art, head to Florence where you’re more likely to meet a fellow art-lover while admiring the sculptures, painting, and architecture of the city. If you’re obsessed with graffiti, book an urban street art tour in Bogota and you’re sure to be joined by like-minded people. If you’re a foodie, explore the home of your favorite cuisine, be it Vietnamese or Mexican, by going on a food tour. You’ll find fellow anime freaks in Tokyo, surfers in Sydney, and hikers at the foot of the Himalayas. Follow your passion, and you’ll run into others who share the same hobbies.

If you need some help getting started, Airbnb Experiences lists activities such as photography tours where you can meet others like you. You can also find Meetup groups in locations around the world where you can jump into an activity you like, be it pickup basketball or a tech talk, and meet locals with the same interests. Plan your trip around events such as local festivals that pique your interest, be they for food, films, or cultural celebrations, where you can easily meet others with similar interests. 

Join a crowd

Our travellers enjoying Nepal together. Source: Indico Travels

If you know you want to have an adventure, and would like to meet people, but don’t want to have to think about it too much, keep it simple. Book a group tour or a cruise where a ready-made group will be waiting for you. This is an automatic way to integrate yourself with other people and explore together. 

And it doesn’t have to be random, where you’re worried about just who you’ll be spending your holiday with. Find travel companies or operators that align with your values, include activities you’re interested in, and have reviews that describe the type of adventure you’re looking for. 

Volunteering can be another great route to meeting people with your values. Similar to a tour, you’ll be joined by others who are sharing the experience with you, and this also has the added benefit of putting you in touch with local communities. 

Solo ≠ Alone


Remember to enjoy the world and don't let the fear of travelling solo stop you! Source: Canva

Travelling as a single does not necessarily mean being alone. Do what you love, and you’ll find that like attracts like. Going on an adventure solo allows you to follow your passion, and you might be surprised at how many people you find at the same place, doing just the same. 

While you may start your trip single, it’s not difficult to meet others while exploring a new place, especially if you have an open mind and use these tips to know how best to make an instant connection. If you need some help taking the leap, take a look at our group tours which are designed specifically for people in their 30s and 40s who want to embrace the unexpected and have an unforgettable adventure. 



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