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Say Hello to Indico Travels!

By Johanna Schröter May 28, 2021 6:04:45 PM

Welcome to Indico Travels, a new travel brand that offer group tours for English-speaking solo travelers aged 30-45 years old. Check out the short video below to get a sense of what traveling with us looks like. Then come discover our brand-new website with all of our trips - with more coming soon. We're so excited to have you join our adventures!



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Indico Travels - Tour Groups for Solo Travelers

Indico Travels is a new travel brand offering small group tours for solo travelers. Our tours are made for English-speaking solo travelers aged 30-45 and will take you all over the world. No need to wait until your friends commit to travel - your travel buddies are ready! We mix unforgettable adventures and cultural exchanges with a sprinkle of "treat yourself" - perfect for professionals that want to make the most of their vacation days. It's the best of solo travel - but solo travel in a group of like-minded people. Our growing number of trips include seeing the Northern Lights in Finland, dancing salsa in Medellín, and hiking to remote villages in the Himalayas. Check out our website for more!