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Best Travel Destinations This Winter

By Josa Nov 3, 2021 1:58:14 PM

As winter draws near here in the Northern Hemisphere, many people start to think about how they could escape the cold and darkness. Daylight saving time just ended here in Germany, which means it gets dark as early as 4 o’clock in the afternoon! Since travel during the cold season was out of the question last year, we are all more than eager to once again explore the world and make some lasting memories this year. But what is a good place to travel to? Where can you safely travel to and which places offer the right climate to make travel during the winter months enjoyable?


Escape the cold to Colombia


Tropical Caribbean beaches, vibrant cities with lots going on in their colorful streets, breathtaking natural wonders in lush jungles – Colombia has it all! Our next departure to Colombia will take you to the South American country over New Year’s Eve. This is a great time to visit! Due to its location close to the equator, Colombia has beautiful weather all year round. December and January also see less precipitation than the wetter spring months of April and May, which makes it an even better winter getaway. Experience New Year’s celebrations in a different setting: Unlike Europeans or US Americans with their big fireworks and crazy parties, Colombians celebrate the change of years as a family affair. That's why we're especially happy that our group is invited to spend this moment with a local family in Medellín’s vibrant neighborhood of Comuna 13. The area was ruled by drug lords years ago and is now back in the hands of locals who are proud of their colorful home, full of street art and teeming with life. We'll share dinner with the family as we hear more about their life and neighbourhood, and tell them about our own New Year's Eve traditions.

U.S., EU and UK citizens can currently freely travel to Colombia. There are no COVID tests required to enter the country. You only have to register at this website between 24 hours to one hour prior to your departure.



Santa Marta region in Colombia


Winter Wonderland Finland


But maybe you don’t even want to escape the cold? Maybe you even like the snow, the quiet, the fresh air? How about leaning into the winter spirit and travel to the arctic circle, home of Santa Claus himself? Winter is the best time to see the magical Northern Lights – a once-in-a-lifetime experience! But Finland has so much more to offer: dash through the snow-covered landscape on a husky sleigh and meet the reindeer herders of the indigenous Sami people. The Finnish winter is also great for other activities, such as building snow(wo)men and warming up in the sauna. Don’t worry, if you don’t have big winter clothing – you can rent everything you need on site. So if your home country doesn’t often experience a proper winter with lots of snow and crisp clear air, but rather 3 months of darkness and cold rain, Finland might be the best destination to remind you that winter can be stunningly beautiful as well.

Fully vaccinated people can currently freely travel to Finland from any Schengen country and from outside the EU, if the second dose was administered at least 14 days prior to departure. People who have recovered from COVID or who can provide a negative test certificate can also enter the country. For detailed information, check this website.


Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland


Hiking and Wildlife in Nepal


Another destination that might not be on your radar for a winter getaway is Nepal! Here, you get the best of both worlds: rainforest in the valleys and majestic, snow-capped mountains in the mighty Himalayas!

In Nepal, winter brings the best views, clear skies and sunshine, which is perfect for hiking in the Himalayas. Hiking in the sunshine is such a bliss - just wear some layers that you can peel off! Also, the wildlife in UNESCO heritage site Chitwan National Park - which you'll visit on the trip - is best spotted in January/February, when the less dense vegetation allows for better views. If you'd like to see rhinos in the wild, we highly recommend visiting Nepal on our New Year's Eve or February 2022 tour! But the later winter months are also a good time to travel to Nepal! Starting on March 3., the Tibetan New Year’s Festival, Losar, offers a colorful insight into the local culture.

Visas on arrival are available to fully vaccinated travelers. Those who aren’t vaccinated are obligated to apply from their respective home countries. In any case, travelers will have to provide a certificate of a negative PCR-test obtained within 72 hours prior to departure.

The Himalayas in Nepal


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only summer is travel season! Join us at Indico Travels for our winter adventures to one of these three destinations! Whether you want to escape the cold or want to experience a real winter wonderland – we’ve got you covered!


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